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Phone: (201) 317-7328
Email: info@unef-id.org

Welcome to Unef-id Create! I specialize in website development, advertisement creation, digital stock photos and silk-screen t-shirts. Please read the client letter below to become more familiar with UidC and do not hesitate to contact me to accomplish your website and advertising needs.

Dear Client,

With the ever increasing pace of life it is vital to have the correct advertising scheme for your business, and Unef-id Create can make it happen. In today's society, websites are an essential part of marketing your product or idea. The world wide web is an integral method of communication, and I will ensure that you receive all the resources available on the net to help make your business a success.

If you are looking for quality photos for advertising then look no further. From nature scenes to sports I will be providing high resolution digi-pics, which are displayed in 9 X 7" and can be purchased at that size or 18 X 13". I will also be manufacturing Silk Screen T-Shirts with my own designs in the near future, and you can request a custom designed t-shirt to be created.

All my clients know that I am a dedicated, hard working individual interested only in creating the finest quality of work to meet the needs of your business.